Inventory Addition: 1.5mm Rattail Necklaces

I'm still updating my inventory with new and different crafts. This week, I'm working on using Rattail cord and macrame to produce some simple but elegant necklaces.

Here are two I made last night. Each necklace takes about an hour to construct. Pretty, aren't they?

The necklaces were made using 1.5mm Rattail cord in navy blue and burnt orange.

These two necklaces are other examples of the DIY kits I'll make for purchase over the next couple months. 

The kits will include all necessary material needed to construct a DIY necklace similar to what's shown in the image.

Here is a larger image showing the macrame in more detail.

Inventory Addition: Antique Bracelets

While getting ready for the next crafting event, I've decided to add some antique bracelets to my inventory.  

Here's a sample of one I made this morning. Pretty, isn't it?

The bracelet measures a total of 8.5 inches. The stringing material is 49 strand Beadalon. The colors of the charms and findings are antique bronze and antique silver.  

I'm still deciding if this piece will end up in my Etsy shop or on my vendor table at the Rose Bowl. Decisions, decisions?

Since I'm planning on constructing a DIY kit for this bracelet, a tutorial will not be providing in this post. Later, I will create a instructional video and upload it on YouTube. More info to come...   

Custom Domain Name Deletes Comments

In this post, I just wanted to give a special Thanks to my friends and subscribers who were concerned about the disappearance of all my comments, recommends, and links to other posts.

This permanent condition is a direct result of my wanting to use a custom domain name for my blog instead of the default,, provided by Blogger when you first sign up. 

Submit Your Post

Would you like to submit a guest post to this blog, Teach Me Clay?

If so, I have just a few guideline's I'd like you to adhere to. There aren't many rules to follow but in following them, your chances of being featured as a publisher on this blog will be much higher.

Okay, let's get started...

Submit a Guest Post on this Blog
  1. Take some time and read through a few posts on this site. It will give you a  nice feel of the content I'm searching after.

Website Traffic? Whose Linking You?

Ever wonder how some blogs seem to have consistent traffic day end and day out? 

How does the smaller blogger accomplish this task? 

I found one way is by submitting your originals to crafting sites that accept submissions on their blog and/or website. 

After reading all the positive comments from submitting projects, I've decided to give it a try. My plan, over the next few months? To submit my how-to's and tutorials all over the place. Getting featured is basically creating great products portrayed with sharp, clear precise photos featuring the process.

Need A Gift Box? Make One

Ever find yourself in need of a gift box for a present or to organize some jewelry pieces? Why not make one yourself. 

It's actually easier that you may think. This tutorial will walk you through making a simple box. Instructions for the top and bottom are identical.

No more hunting around for the right size box or the perfect coordinating colors. The choices are endless. For my bottoms, I use colored, textured cardstock. For the tops, I've used magazine pages, scrapbooking paper and gift wrap.